Eventually, Rose aims to be run as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), meaning that any member of the community may bring a suggestion forward that will be voted on by stROSE holders. These proposals may be regarding the addition of new pools, new forms of collateral for RUSD, determining key money market parameters, deciding on how to allocate ROSE emissions, and other economically important features.
The voting mechanisms, proposal logistics, and other key governance processes are still to be determined.
For now, we encourage anyone to leave their suggestions in our Discord and engage in community discussion on all of our social media sites and chats.
The core team is there to serve the community, and without widespread communtiy support there cannot be a smooth transition to the DAO structure - one of the core missions of this project. Therefore, we believe it is crucial for the community to be highly engaged so that everyone is on the same page.
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